Ernest Nagel Timeline (St. Hill Week 5)

  • Ernest Nagel’s Birth

    Ernest Nagel, (born Nov. 16, 1901, Nové Město, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary).
  • Period: to

    Early life

    He came to the U.S. when he reached the age of ten and later became a naturalized citizen in 1919. He went on to graduate from City College in 1923 and received a Masters of Arts in mathematics from Columbia in 1925 and a PhD in philosophy in 1930. After completing his PhD he would go on to teach at the prestigious school for many years.
  • “Theory of Probability”

    Nagel went on to publish his influential book "Principles of the Theory of Probability". This work explored the foundations of probability theory. This went on to be one of the many published works that Nagel is known for. Nagel, Ernest (1939). Theory of Probability. Journal of Philosophy
  • “Gödel's Proof”

    Nagel co-authored the book "Gödel's Proof" with James Newman, this work explained Kurt Gödel's incomplete theorems to a larger and wider audience. Nagel, E., & Newman, J. R. (1958). Gödel’s proof.
  • "Logic Without Metaphysics"

    Nagel published "Logic Without Metaphysics". This work was and is a collection of essays on “logical positivism” and the philosophy of science. Nagel, E. (1957). Logic without metaphysics. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
  • The Association

    Nagel went on to serve as president of the Eastern Division for the American Philosophical Association.
  • …Computers, Logic, & Mind

    Ernest Nagel on Computers, Logic, & Mind
  • Stepping away…

    Nagel retired from Columbia, but stayed active in philosophical research and producing writings/findings.
  • Ernest Nagel’s Death

    Ernest Nagle, (died Sept. 20, 1985, New York City) He passed away on September 20, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the fields of logic, probability theory, and philosophy of science.