Bermuda Triangle

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  • SS Timandra

    SS Timandra
    In 1917 the SS Timandra sinks, which headed to Buenos Aires from Norfolk with a load of coal and a crew of 21 people. It did not emit any radio signal, even though it had the ability to do so.
  • SS Cotopaxi

    SS Cotopaxi
    The American freighter is lost, which from Florida reported that the weather was calm, and did not send any distress signal.
  • TBM Avenger

    TBM Avenger
    One of the best known incidents probably the most famous over the Bermuda Triangle is about the loss of a squadron of five US bombers on a training flight that departed from Fort Lauderdale in Florida.
  • Douglas DC-3

    Douglas DC-3
    A plane disappeared on a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Miami. Traces of the plane, or the 32 people on board, were never found.
  • Tudor IV Star Tiger

    Tudor IV Star Tiger
    They disappeared in mid-flight without leaving any trace, this incident ended up causing the total cessation of operations with the Avro Tudor IV. both disappearances, together with that of Flight 19 of the United States Navy, fueled speculation about something supernatural related to the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Globemaster

    A US Air Force Globemaster plane disappeared with 52 people on board.
  • Martin P5M

    Martin P5M
    A US Navy plane, the Martin P5M, with 10 crew members disappeared in 1956.
  • 2 planes collide

    2 planes collide
    Last year 1963 a pair of US Air Force Stratotanker KC-135 planes collided and crashed into the Atlantic 300 miles west of Bermuda.
  • Ship Génesis

    Ship Génesis
    22 years ago, the cargo ship Génesis sinks after setting sail from the port of San Vicente, Its cargo included 465 tons of water tanks, boards, concrete and bricks; reported problems with a bilge pump a little before losing contact
  • Aircraft MU-2B

    Aircraft MU-2B
    Four years ago the twin-engine aircraft MU-2B, which was carrying four Americans, disappeared, had departed on Monday from Puerto Rico to Florida, but contact was lost shortly after takeoff and to date there are still many cases of these strange disappearances