Soldier Boy (Jims Life) By Anthony Hill

  • Jims Birth date

  • Period: to

    Jims Life

  • Frances died (jims grandmother)

  • King Edward Crowned

  • Mary's Birth

  • Amelia + Charlie 5 kids

  • Jim started School

  • JIms family moved to Melbourne

  • They moved to Hawthorn Foress

  • Jim joined Cadets

  • Franz Ferdinand Assinated

    In serbia
  • JIm finished school

  • JIm black Mailed his Parents

    To go to war with their consent
  • Jim signs up for War

  • Learned how to use the Periscope rifle

  • Went to the training camp

  • Arrived at Mudros bay

    they had service for the torpedo tragedy
  • Left lemnos bay headed to Anzac cove

  • Gets sick

  • At colombo caught doing bad things and punished

  • Left on the Berrima to colombo

  • Left colombo and headed for Alexandra

  • Death

  • Wrote his first letter home

    he brought sounvierns for his family
  • Ship got torpedoed heading for lemnos bay

  • Gets sent to hospital ship for emergency treatment