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Social Realism Films

  • Blue Scar - Jill Craigie

    Miner's daughter Olwen Williams leaves her small Welsh village and her sweetheart, Tom, to take up a singing scholarship, and eventually marries a collar-and-tie man. Tom has ambitions of his own and becomes manager of the colliery.
  • Look Back In Anger - Tony Richardson

    A disillusioned, angry university graduate comes to terms with his grudge against middle-class life and values.
  • Bronco Bullfrog - Barney Platts-Mills

    A young couple who live in the overcrowded world of East End tower blocks and bomb sites are harassed by the simple lack of somewhere to be alone together.
  • Burning an Illusion - Menelik Shabazz

    A young British-born black woman begins to question her attitude to love and life and desire for middle-class respectability and security through marriage.
  • Raining Stones - Ken Loach

    On a Manchester council estate, Bob, an unemployed family man, attempts to raise money to buy a communion dress for his young daughter.
  • Trainspotting - Danny Boyle

    Renton, deeply immersed in the Edinburgh drug scene, tries to clean up and get out, despite the allure of the drugs and influence of friends.
  • Kidulthood - Menhaj Huda

    A day in the life of a group of troubled 15-year-olds growing up in west London.