Sir Francis Bacon

  • Jan 22, 1561


    When Sir Francis Bacons birth
  • Jan 22, 1561

    Were he was born

    Were Sir Francis Bacon was Born in Strand,London
  • Apr 1, 1573

    Were he went to school

    Bacon Went To Trinity Collage, Cambridge
  • Dec 1, 1575

    When he ended Trinity College

    Bacon finished Trinity College
  • May 1, 1581


    landed a job as a member for Cornwall in the House of Commons
  • Became lord

    Bacon became lord chancller
  • married

    Married Alice Barnham
  • Discoveries

    Bacon Discoverd the scientific method
  • Made a Book

    Bacon most famous book is Novum Rganum (New Method) published in the 1620s.
  • Death

    When Sir Francis Bacon Died in London England