Sheppard Trial Alternate Ending

By 14thoms
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    Sheppard Trial

  • Sam and Marylin

    Sam and Marylin host a dinner at their house for the Aherns family; their neighbors. Later in the night, the two families watch a movie on telvision and it was said by the neighbors that Marylin was sitting in Sam's lap.
  • Wife Brutally Murdered

    Sam Sheppard calls the sheriff, Spencer Houk and tell him that his wife was dead. The police officers that arrive find blood and evidence of a robbery. Coroner Sam Gerber gets to the home and suspects Sam as the murderer.
  • Funeral Held

    Marylin's funeral services held.
  • Questioning

    Sam Sheppard was questioned without lawyer present.
  • Jury Begins Deliberations

    The jury of the sheppard trial begins the deliberations.
  • Jury Returns The Verdict AND...

    Sheppard is found guilty of murder in the second degree. When Sheppard is about to speak, the courtroom doors open. The man claiming to be the real killer walks in and confesses to the murder.
  • Today

    Seppard is still living free as an old man. His currently lives with his new wife. To this day he still cannot believe that some random person came into the courtroom and confessed to the murder that he commited.