Section 2 Retaking Europe

By Gunkelt
  • Battle of Anzio

    Allie soldiers landed behind German lines on the beach 35 miles south of Rome. For the next four months Germans attacked trapped soldiers. Tens of thousands of Allied soldiers were killed or wounded.
  • D-Day

    Shortly after midnight on June 6,1944 4,600 warships all gather on the coast of England. Thousands of troops go to the shore and prepare to attack. Then they finallt attack and it is one of the biggest days in that war.-TJ GUnkel
  • The Liberation of Paris

    The Liberation of Paris took place during World War II from August 19, 1944 untill the surrender of the occupying German garrison on August 25th. The Liberation of Paris Could be regaurded as the transitional conclusion of the allied invasion breakout in Operation Overlord into a broad fronted general offensive, through this is a Minority opinion. This battle marked the Liberation of Paris by the U.S. Army and the exile of the Vichy Gov. to Sigmaringen in Germany (GREG MAYER)
  • Battle of Casino

    Allies attacked Cassino and succeeded in breaking through the German line. Facing many months of heavy fighting. FInally surrending in April 1945. (Tyler)
  • Battle of the Bulge

    THey pushed the enemy back, forming a bulge in the Allied line.First Army and pushed it back, forming a bulge in the Allied line.It was the largest battle in Westurn Europe.-Shawneka BUSH