Scientists that discoverd the parts of an atom :)

  • 440

    Democritus/ No Model

    He found that if you keep cutting and cutting an object then you would end up with a particle that cannot be cutted called an atom.He also thought that atoms were made of a single material formed into different shape and sizes.
  • Period: 440 to


  • Dalton/ Dalton Theory

    He said all substances are made of atoms. They cannot be created divided or destroyed. Atoms join with other atoms to make a new substance. Elements combine in certain proportions because they are made up of single atoms.
  • Thomson/ Plum-Pudding/Chocalate Chip Ice Cream

    Atoms can be divided into smaller parts.He also discovered the Electrons.
  • Rutherford/ Rutherfold's Gold-Foil Experiment

    He discoveredthe nucleus. He started with Thomon's idea that and thought that all atoms are the soft "BLOBS" of matter. He also discovered the Protons.
  • Bohr/ Bohr's Model

    He studied the way atoms reacted to light. He said that Electrons move in a certain path called energy levels.
  • Chadwick/ No Model

    He discovered that the neutrons and protons didn't complete the weight of an atom.