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Sarh Breedlove Walker born

  • Sarah Breedlove Walker Birth

    Sarah born
  • Sarah at age 7

    By the age of 7 her parents died
  • Sarah Married

    Sara married Moses McWilliam
  • Sarah gives birth

    Sarah gave birth to a baby girl
  • Sarah husban dies

    Moses McWilliam Sarah husban dies.
  • Sarah Moves to St. Louis

    Sarah and daughter A'lelia
  • Sarah hair fall out

    Sarah invents a hair concotion
  • Sarah remarries and changes her name to Madam CJ Walker

    Sarah marries CJ walker and changed her name
  • Madam opens manufacturing headquarters

  • Sarah second office open's in pittsburge

  • Sarah opens business in New York

  • Madam CJ Walker dies

  • Walker daughter oversaw Madam Walker company