Salesian Timeline

Timeline created by AJ Guariano
In History
  • Aug 21, 1567

    Saint Francis de Sales is born

  • Jan 23, 1572

    Saint Jane de Chantal is born

  • Francis and Jane meet

    It was during Lent in Dijon, France
  • Saint Francis writes “The Introduction of the Devoit Life”

  • Saint Jane de Chantal become a Visitation Sister of Holy Mary

    When her four children were old enough, along with two women she became a Visitation Sister.
  • Saint Francis writes “Treatise on the Love of God”

  • Saint Francis de Sales is canonized

    It was by Pope Alexander VII
    His feast day is January 24th
  • Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque joined the Visitation community in Paray-le-Monial

    She chose this name because of her dedication to Mary
  • Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque had a vision

    It was of Jesus showing her his Sacred Heart
  • Saint Jane de Chantal is canonized

  • Mother Mary de Sales Chappius professed her vows

    She professed her vows to change her name to this
  • Blessed Father Louis Brisson is born

    Plan your, France
  • Blessed Father Louis Brisson becomes a diocesan priest

    He had to serve as a teacher at the Visitation school
  • New order was established

    Became the first Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales.
  • Saint Maragaret Mary Alacoque is canonized

    Her feast day is October 17th