Saint Peter Chanel

By dekkern
  • Birth

    Chanel was born in La Potière near Cuet in the area of Belley, Ain département, France
  • Father Marcellin Champagnat

    Father Marcellin Campagnat founds the little brothers of Mary with two you candidates.
  • Pope Pius

    Pope Pius praising the idea of Society of Mary and encouraging its founders. This letter marks the first papal recognition of the society. This is a Group that Peter Chanel is heavly involved in.
  • Preist Hood

    He was ordained priest on 15 July 1827 by Bishop Devie. From an early age, Chanel had been thinking about going on the foreign missions, and his intention was strengthened by the letters that arrived at Ambérieu from a former curate, then a missionary in India.
  • Siciety of Mary

    In 1831, Chanel joined the forming Society of Mary (Marists), who would concentrate on local missions and foreign missionary work. Instead of selecting him as a missionary, however, the Marists used his talents as the spiritual director at the Seminary of Belley, where he stayed for five years.
  • Oceania

    The Church entrusts the missions of Oceania to the Society of Mary. This is a big chanllenge for Peter as he has to over come some big things.
  • Approved

    In 1836, the Marists, finally formally approved by Pope Gregory XVI, were asked to send missionaries to the territory of the South West Pacific
  • Superior

    Chanel was made the superior of a band of Marist missionaries that set out on 24 December from Le Havre. They were accompanied by Bishop Jean Baptiste Pompallier who was to become the first Bishop of New Zealand.
  • Travel

    Chanel traveled first to the Canary Islands were his friend died of a virus out at sea.
  • More Travel

    Chanel traveled all around the Pacific to preach to the people.
  • Death

    Father Marcellin CHampagnat, founder of the Marist Brothers, dies on June 6th. Marcellin was a big part of Peters life a mentor if you could say.
  • Death of Chanel

    The Missionaries worked hard in Futuna. They learnt the language and preached and spoke to the people. The King, Niuliki, wasnt very happy with what Peter Chanel was doing, so he orded his son to club Peter to Death.
  • After Death

    The news of Chanel's death took months to reach the outside world. It was almost a year before Marists in France learned of it; for those in New Zealand, it took half that time.
  • Change

    Many years after Peters death, the whole of Futuna was converted into Catholic's, this is a massive acheivement for the MArist Merssionaries