Saint martin

Saint Martin de Porres

  • Dec 1, 1579


    In 1579 Saint Martin de Porres, or Saint of the Broom, was born in Lima, Peru
  • Background

    At the age fifteen, Saint Martin de Porres became a brother at the Third Order of Sainit Domonuc. Here, he spent his time working as a barber, farm laborer, an alms giver, and as an infirmarian. While there, he bacame close friends with Rose of Lima.
  • Background

    Despite the fact that he could not carry out his missions throughout the world, Saint Martin became a martyr, devoting his life to countless, severe penances.
  • Death

    After countless years of service, Saint Martin de Porres died November 3, 1639.
  • Canonized as a Saint

    Canonized as a Saint
    On May 6, 1962, Saint Martin was cannonized as a saint for devoting his life to the sick, just as his mother did.
  • Feast day

    Feast day
    Saint Martin de Porres' works are celebrated on November 3, his feast day. Today he is remember for his countless years of service towards sick and becoming the first black saint.