Russel Simmons

By wilcol
  • Russell was born

    Russell was born
    He was born in Jamaica, Queens, New York.
  • Period: to

    Russle Simmons

    Russel was born in Queens, New York
  • Hollis St

    Hollis St
    The Simmons family moved to Hollis in Queens when Russell was eight years old
  • Going to College

    Going to College
    When Russell was 18 he began taking classes at Manhatten City College
  • First taste of Hip Hop

    First taste of Hip Hop
    In 1977 Russell saw how wild the crowed went after they heard a song from a early rapper and a dj named Eddie Cheeba
  • The Rap Game

    The Rap Game
    Russell brother Joey Simmons was a quarter of the rap grpup Run D.M.C their frist single was ''Its Like That was released in 1983 and set the tone for the decade
  • First Movie

    First Movie
    The movie "Krush Grove" was based on Russell Simmons life growing up
  • Launch of Def Jam Records

    Launch of Def Jam Records
    Rick Rubin helped to make the famous Def Jam Records
  • Def Comedy Jam

    Def Comedy Jam
    Russell launched Def Comedy Jam
  • Selling the Jam

    Selling the Jam
    Simmons sold his remaining stake in Def Jam In 1999 for $120 millon
  • Writing Books

    Writing Books
    In 2002 he made a Autoboigraphy
  • Winnig

    The Def Jam Poetry show which was carried by HBO was a Tony Award Winning Broadway Show