Rosalia Rovagnati

  • Anneta Armenia and Eligio Rovagnati met.

  • Anneta and Eligio started getting to know each other.

  • Anneta Armenia and Eligio Rovagnati got married.

  • Rosalia Rovagnati was born in Palermo, Italy

    Palermo, Ita;y
  • Italy became it's own government.

  • The Rovagnati family went broke

  • Rosalia's little sister Eleanora was born.

  • Eligio Rovagnati got terribly sick and died.

  • Anneta Rovagnati decided to move her family to America

  • The Rovagnati's arrived at Castle Garden's New York!

  • Anneta Rovagnati met Chuck Manchester

  • Rosalia and Eleanora went back to school and lived happily