ROMANTIC ERA (1810s-1900)

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In Music
  • Luigi Cherubini (1760-1842)

    He was an italian composer, who composed a French opera called Lodoiska in 1791
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827)

    He was one of the important transitional composer from the classical style to romantic style. And was responsible for composing one bad opera from the rescue opera genre.
  • E.T.A Hoffman (1776-1822)

    he was a German composer and writer who his writings emphasized Romanticism. He was the writer of the Nutcracker fable.
  • Carl Maria von Weber (1791-1864)

    Known as the founder of the German Romantic Opera and was an important conductor. Studied with Michael Haydn.
  • Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

    one of the important early composers of this era. He composed in all genres and over 600 lieder.
  • Hector Berlioz (1803-1869)

    He was one of the important early composer of this era. And, he was among the early inventors of new orchestration and genres. He was the leading French musician of his time.
  • Fidelio (Rescue Opera)

    It was one of the operas that were produced in the rescue opera genre. It was composed by Beethoven which was the only opera he ever composed in 1805
  • Symphony no.5 in C Minor, Opus 67, Mvt. 1

    It was called "organic" by the theorists. It uses an insistent rhythmic drive. Composed in Vienna 1804-1808, then first performed in 1808
  • Franz Liszt (1811-1886)

    He was among the important composer of the era, and his said to be a part of the early and late romantic era. He was also a supporter of Wagner.
  • Erlking

    It was one of the most famous lieder of Franz Schubert. It is said based on a legend that whoever is touched by the king of elves must die.
  • The Ophicleide

    It was a keyed brass instrument similar in range to a trombone which was invented by Jean Hilaire in 1817.
  • Clara Wieck Schumann (1819-1896)

    She was one of the early romantic composer. Also, a virtuoso pianist and wife of Robert Schumann who was also among the early composers of this era.
  • Royal Academy of Music

    It was the first school of music opened in London 1822
  • Beethoven's Biography

    It was published by Hector Berlioz in three parts.
  • A program Symphony

    It was orchestrated by Hector Berlioz in a new and modern way. It was in five different movements.
  • Symphonic (tone) poem

    It was a one movement orchestral work created by Franz Liszt as an option to the traditional symphonic form.
  • Historical Periods

    During C.1850 Classicism and Romanticism were recognized as definable artistic styles or historical periods.
  • Le Banjo (1854-1855)

    It is said as "The Banjo" in English. It is a character piece featuring syncopation and disjunct melodic lines that depict banjo strumming and picking.
  • Lieder and Song cycles

    They were mostly used in the 19th century. The song cycle became a popular way to publish lieder. The Song Cycle are a set of lieder that are connected in different ways.