Road to Revolution

  • 1,000's of Redcoats in Boston

    General Gage brings thousands of British. soldiers to Bostons with more on the way
  • Midnight night Paul revere

    Paul revers rides to warn the sons of liberty in Lexington and concord that the "British were coming... The British are coming."
  • Battles of Lexington And Concord

    .Battle of Lexington
    -"1st battle of american Revolutionary War"
    -"shot heard round the world" Ralph waldo
    Emerson -BRITISH Victory
    .Battle Of concord
    -American stoped British enforcers
  • second Continental Congress meet

    second Continental Congress meet
    *Print $$$$
    *set up post office
    *Created Continental army led by George Washington
    *Sent Olive Branch asking King to protect their rights
    - King hires 30,000 Hessian Soldiers in response
  • battel of bunker hill

    *Fought on Breed's hill
    *"Don't fire until you see the whites of their
    eyes" -William Prescott
    *BRITISH Victory (Americans ran out of ammunition) British learn defeating Americans would NOT be easy.
  • Washington arrives on outskirts of Boston with Continental troops

    Washington arrives on outskirts of Boston with Continental troops
    *Realizes men are disorganized and need discipline
    *Need weapons
  • "Common Sense" published by Thomas pain

    *pamphlet inspires more colonists to become
    *"Every thing that is right or reasonable pleads separation. The blood of the blood of the slain,the weeping voice of nature cries, 'TIS TIME TO PART" -Thomas Paine,Common Sense
  • British surrender Boston

    *Washington believes his army is ready and weapons arrive
    *Washington puts cannons on dorchester Heights overlooking Boston
    *British retreat - AMERICAN Victory
  • Second Continental Congress meet again

    *Debate on Declaring independence
    *Thomas Jefferson is the primary author of the document
  • Second Continental Congress Votes for independence

    • All 13 colonies vote Yes on declaring independence
  • The Declaration of Indepedence is sighned!