road to revalution 5.3 and 5.4

  • road to revolution 5.3 and 5.4

    continental congress meets-
    -all colonies but Georgia has representation
    -voted to send a statement of complainants
    -voted to boycott all British trade
  • secong continential congress meet

    second continental congress meet-
    - print money
    -set up post office
    - created continential army led by gorge washington
    -sent olive branch pention asking king gorge the third to protect their rights
    - king hired 30,000 hessian soldiers in response
  • washington arrives on outskirts of boston with continential troops

    -realizes men are disorginized and need disipline
    -need more weapons
  • "common scence" published by thomas paine

    -pamphlet inspires more colonists to become patriots
    - everything that is right or reasonable pleads for separation. the blood the slain the weeping voice of nature cries "ITS TIME TO PART" -Thomas Paine Common Scenes.
  • british surrender boston

    -Washington believes his army is ready and weapons arrived
    -Washington puts cannon on dorchester heights overlooking boston
    -british retreat - american victory
  • second continential congress votes for independence

  • the declaration of independence is sighed!!!!!!!

    the declaration of independence is sighed!!!!!!!