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Richard Wagner

  • Birth of Richard Wagner

    Richard Wagner is born in the Jewish quarter of Leipzig
  • Enrols in School

    In late 1820 Wagner enrolled in Pastor Wetzels's school in Possendorf where he learned to play the pianp
  • First piano transcription

    Wagner transcribes Beethoven's 9th Symphony into an arrangement for piano
  • Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient

    Wagner sees Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient, a soprano singer, perform an opera on stage and is in awe at the combination of music and theatre. This is what causes him to have an interest in writing opera.
  • Studentenverbindung Corps Saxonia

    Wagner enrols in school here and takes lessons with Christian Theodore Weinlig. Weinlig is so impressed with Wagner's talent that he refuses to take payment for lessons.
  • First Opera Composed

    Wagner attains a choir master position in Wurzburg and composes his first complete opera, Der Feen (The Fairies)
  • Marriage to Christine Planer

  • Period: to


    Wagner writes his operas Rienzi, The Flying Duchman and Tannhauser. His period in Dresden ends when he gets involved in German nationalist May Uprisging in 1849. Because of the warrant for arrest for all revolutionaries, Wagner flees to Zurich.
  • Der Ring des Nibelungen

    Der Ring des Nibelungen
    Wagner spends the next 12 years in Zurich, isolated from the German music circles, though he has a contact through a composer and friend Franz Liszt. Over these 12 years he perfects the drafts of the four operas that make up this cycle.
  • Tristan und Isolde

    Tristan und Isolde
    Wagner wrights the opera Tristan und Isolde
  • King Ludwig II

    King Ludwig II
    The eighteen-year-old king, having just ascended to the throne, requests that Wagner return and funds his debts and premiers his final major works
  • Marriage to Cosima Liszt

    Cosima convinces husband Hans von Bulow to get a divorce after bearing Wagner three children. They are married after the death of Wagner's wife. Cosima is the daughter of Wagner's friend Franz Liszt.
  • Opening of Bayreuth Theatre

    Opening of Bayreuth Theatre
    Wagner specifies that his works need a specific venue, and raises money and draws up the plans.
  • Parsifal

    Wagner's final opera is completed
  • Death

    Richard Wagner dies of a heart attack