• Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction

    Lincoln begins reconstruction: presidential pardons with oath of allegiance and acceptance of emancipation. 10% loyalty oath to reestablish a state
  • Period: to


  • Freedmans Bureau

    Congress created the Freedmen's bureau. Welfare agency- food, shelter, medical, education
  • Lincoln Assassinated

  • Election of 1866

    Republicans secure majority
  • Impeachment of Johnson

    Tenure of Office Act
    high crimes and misdemeanors
  • Fourteenth Amendment

    passed 1866, pratified 1868. All persons born or naturalized in U.S to be citizens. CITIZENSHIP TO BLACKS
  • Grant elected

  • Fifteenth Amendment

    "prohibited any state from denying or abridging a citizen's right to vote 'on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude'"
  • Period: to


  • Force Acts of 1870 and 1871

    Federal authority granted to attempt to put a stop to the KKK and protect civil rights
  • Grant reelected

  • Amnesty Act of 1872

    remove last restrictions on ex-confederates
    democrats regained control
  • Panic of 1873

    business failure and depression following overbuilding of industry and railroad and financial overspeculation
  • Presidential Election

    Democrat - Tilden
    Republican - Hayes Tilden won popular votes, electoral were disputed, given to Hayes, winning election, Democrats were mad, threatened to filibuster, and agreed only with the Compromise of 1877
  • Period: to