Rebecca's Ag. Timeline

  • Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin.
  • Period: to


  • Iron Plow

    Thomas Jefferson
  • Grain Reaper

    Cyrus McCormick
  • Seed Planter

    Henry Blair
  • Cotton Planter

    Henry Blair
  • Steel Moldboard Plow

    John Deere
  • Corn Picker

    Edmund Quincey
  • Barbed wire

    Joseph Glidden
  • Milking Machine

    Anna Baldwin
  • Perishable Foods Preservation

    Thomas Elkins
  • Soil improvment and Crop rotation

    George Washington Carver late 1890s
  • Tractor

    Ben Holt
  • Smith-Hughes Act

  • Future Farmers Club

    Virginia was the first state to have one for boys.
  • FFA became a National Organization

  • Creed Adoption

  • FFA receives aFederal Charter of Congress

  • FFA and NFA combined

  • FFA allows girls

  • Gene Gun

    John Sanford
  • Name Change

  • GPS technology

  • Robotic Milking Machine

    late 1990s