Ray Kroc's Life

By bask529
  • He is Born

    Ray Kroc is born on the 5th of October 1902 in Illinois to Lous and Rose Kroc.
  • Period: to

    Ray Krocs Life

  • Lies Never Hurt...Right

    Lies Never Hurt...Right
    when he was only 15 Ray Kroc lied about his age to become an ambulance driver for WW1 but right after he finished training the war ended.
  • The first Mcdonalds.

    The first Mcdonalds.
    The very first Mcdonalds opened in Des Plaines, Illinois 1955
  • Bankrupt!

    Shortly after buying Mcdonalds Ray Kroc ran into a few financial troubles and auctually ended up bankrupt but after a few years he recovered.
  • Total Control

    Total Control
    Ray Kroc buys out Dick and Mack Mcdonald for $2.7million
  • 1 billion hamburgurs

    1 billion hamburgurs
    Mcdonalds sells their 1 billion hamburgurs.
  • Going International

    Going International
    Mcdonalds goes international first to Canada then Europe
  • Breakfast at Mcdonalds

    Breakfast at Mcdonalds
    Mcdonalds enters the egg mcmuffin onto the National breakfast menu.
  • 5000 Resaurants

    5000 Resaurants
    Mcdonalds 5000th restaurant opens in Kanawaga Japan.
  • Ray Kroc Dies

    Ray Kroc Dies
    Ray Kroc passed away but Mcdonalds still remains strong.