Rasputin 1

Rasputin's role in the russian revolution

  • Rasputin is born

    Rasputin is born
    tod ay Grigori Efimovich Rasputin was born at Pokrovskoye, a small village along the Tura river in the province of Tobolsk (modern day Tyumen Oblast) in Siberia
  • Rasputin meets the royals

    Rasputin meets the royals
    this day rasputin is introduced to the romanov family. he was first brought to them by confidant of the Tsarina, Anna Vyrubova
  • Rasputin saves the life of the Tsar's son

    Rasputin saves the life of the Tsar's son
    the heir is dying at Spala in Poland. he got bruises and a blood infection. Alix smiled and showed the doctors a telegram from rasputin that said "God has gazed on your tears and accepted your prayers. be not sad. your son shall live" while the doctors were skeptical, Alexei lived
  • Rasputin saves Anna Vyrubova

    Rasputin saves Anna Vyrubova
    After a life threatening train crash between St. Petersburg and Tsarskoe Selo, Anna Vyrubova, Alix's confidant, nearly died. then Rasputin went up to her and said "Anyushka, wake up, look at me" then she woke up and lived.
  • World War 1 begins

    World War 1 begins
    World war 1 begins where Russia takes its place on the side of the triple entente
  • Rasputin is assassinated

    Rasputin is assassinated
    this day Rasputin is assassinated by a group of nobles. first the nobles try to kill him using cyanide, but he survived it. it is thought that he survived it using mithridatism. then after that the nobles shot him multiple times, the beat him, then rolled him up in a carpet and threw him in the neva river where he drowned
  • Nicholas II abdicates

    Nicholas II abdicates
    this day "bloody Nicholas" steps down from the throne of russia, leaving him to later be imprisoned and then killed
  • russian revolution begins

    russian revolution begins
    practically the day after Rasputin died, the revolution broke out between the communists and the autocratics
  • the romanovs are dead

    the romanovs are dead
    Yakov Yurovsky led a group of soldiers and assassinated the last of the romanovs in the basement of the ipatiev house in ekaterinberg.
  • World war 1 ends

    World war 1 ends
    the first world war ends with a few months into the future, the treaty of versailles.