Ralph Lauren's Life

By ivabrk1
  • Ralph Lauren was born

    Ralph Lauren was born in The Bronx, New York.
  • Name Change

    Ralph Lauren's older brother Terry changed their original last name from Lifshitz to Lauren because it was inappropriate in the English language.
  • Graduated HIgh School

    Graduated from DeWitt Clinton HIgh School.
  • Married life.

    He married Ricky Anne Low-Beer in New York City. They had three children Dylan, David, and Andrew.
  • Polo is born

    Ralph opened up a necktie store selling his own designs for ties with the Polo label.
  • Award Winning

    Won the Coty American Fashion Critics' Awards
  • New line

    Women's Ralph Lauren Polo line was released. It started with women's suits that were made like the men's style.
  • Famous Shirt

    Ralph Laruen shared his famous short sleeve mesh polo shirt.
  • Advertising

    The first Polo ad appeared in a NYC newspaper.
  • Home Furniture

    He made his business larger by adding a home furniture and accessories line.
  • Donation

    Lauren donated 10 million dollars to the Smithsonian Institution.