Ragtime history 1890-1920

  • Period: to

    Ragrime history

  • Ragtime origin

    Ragtime origin
    Pianist Tommy Turpin writes Harlem Rag, the first ragtime composition
  • General Electric foundation

    General Electric foundation
  • Cinema is born

  • Ragtime grows in popularity

  • A cutting contest for ragtime pianists is held in New York

  • Pablo Picasso's first exhibit is held in Paris.

    Pablo Picasso's first exhibit is held in Paris.
  • The American Federation of Musicians votes to suppress ragtime

  • Louis Armstrong is born

    Louis Armstrong is born
  • Lincoln Park is opened

    Lincoln Park is opened in New Orleans as a center for ragtime and jazz
  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein presents his special theory of relativity
  • Ragtime for racism

    Ragtime popularity continues to grow among Blacks and white resulting in increased public interaction between the races
  • The Titanic sinks

    The Titanic sinks
  • "St. Louis Blues"

    Pianist W.C. Handy writes "St. Louis Blues"
  • The classic era of ragtime ends