QUEEN timeline

  • QUEEN was born

    QUEEN was born
    In 1970 Freddie Bulsara joined the band "Smile", everything changed. First the name of the band was changed to QUEEN, and then Freddie changed his own name to Freddie mercury.
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    queen timeline

  • "DON'T STOP ME NOW" released

    "DON'T STOP ME NOW" released
    On 1979, the song "don't stop me now" was released by the band. Its a song that reflects Freddie mercury's life, the one he wanted to live in those years of excess and lack of control.
  • QUEEN takes a break

    QUEEN takes a break
    on 1983, after being on a tour for 10 years, the members of the band decided to take a break and focus on their own personal projects.

    Freddie Mercury, despite knowing he would inevitably die from HIV, he still decided to spend the rest of his days with his friends singing, until he sadly passed away.
  • Freddie Mercury's death

    Freddie Mercury's death
    After Freddie mercury's death on 1991, the band left the stages, and QUEEN was officially gone. However, years later Brian May and Roger Taylor gave several concerts with different singers. ¡Brian May is considered one of the best guitar players of all time!