Progression of US Involvement in WWII

By Tjay
  • Axis Powers formed

    Germany, Italy, and Japan officially sign the Tripartite Pact making them an official alliance. This was meant to keep the US out of war. IF the US attacks one member of the Axis Powers, they must fight all members, engaging in a two-front war
  • FDR's Unprecedented 3rd Term

    1940 presedential election against FDR and Republican Wendell Willkie. Roosevelt was easily elected because there was very little difference between the candidates. FDR was elected partly because of his leadership that could be seen as a positive during war.
  • The Lend-Lease Plan

    Britain runs out of money to spend in their arsenal of democracy. FDR offers to help by coming up with a new plan to lend or lease arms and other military supplies. Congress passes The Lend-Lease Act in March 1941.
  • Supporting Stalin

    Hitler goes against his agreement he made with Stalin to keep peace with each other and he invades the Soviet Union. Roosevelt starts to send lend-lease supplies to the Soviet Union because him and Churchill believed that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".
  • Signing of the Atlantic Charter

    FDR and Winston Churchill met aboard the ship USS Augusta to discuss the outcome of the war. There they signed the Atlantic Charter which was a declaration of war aims and goals. These goals included collective security, disarmament, self-determination, economic cooperation, and freedom of the seas. We are supporting the Allies over the Axis powers. RUSSEL-BURGGGG!
  • German Wolf Packs

    German U-Boats were deployed by Hitler to attack supply ships to cease the delivery of lend-lease shipments. They were successful in sinking about 350,000 tons of ships in one month. FDR eventually gave the navy permission to send out U.S. warships to attack Germany in self-defense.
  • Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor

    Over 180 Japanese warplanes attack Pearl Harbor and sink the Arizona and other ships. This was the largest attack on US territory until 9/11.