Princess Diana Frances Spencer

  • Diana Frances Spencer

  • Diana's parents divorced and her father wins full custoday of the children

  • Diana's father becomes Earl Spencer and Diana becomes Lady Diana

  • Diana moves to London to work with kindergardeners

  • Diana talks to Prince Charles

  • Charles asks Diana to marry him

  • Diana and Charles get Married at St. Paul Chaledral

  • Prince Willam was born

  • Their second son Prince Harry was born

  • Andrew Mortan's Diana's True Story is Published

  • Diana and Charles sparate

  • Diana's and Charles' divorce becomes final

  • Diana's dresses are auctioned in New York rasing $3.26 millon for charity

  • Diana and Dodi Fayed arrive from their vacation from Jonikal

  • Diana and Dodi Fayed are killed in a carcrash at the Alma Tunnel in Paris

  • Diana's funeral is held in Westminster, Abbey.

    She was buried at Althorp, the Spencer family estate.