Princess Diana

  • Diana's Birth

    The daughter of Edward John Spencer and Frances Ruth Burke Roche. Her full name is Diana Frances Spencer.
  • Period: to

    Princess Diana

    From the time of her engagement and up until her death, Princess Diana was one of the most famous woman in the world, the female celebrity of her generation: a fashion icon, an image of feminine beauty, and admired for her charity work in AIDS and to ban landmines. She is one of the most photographed person in the world. The public loved her.
  • Diana's Parents Divorce

    At the age of six Diana’s parents got a divorced. Messy custady battle.
  • First time in a Real School

    Daina was tutoured at home until the age of nine when she was sent to Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk.
  • West Health School

    At the Age of twelve, Diana began her education at West Heath School (Kent).
  • Becoming Lady Diana

    Diana's father inherited the title of Earl Spencer and she became Lady Diana Spencer.
  • Drop Out

    Diana dropped out of West Heath School. father sent her to a Switzerland finishing school, but she only stayed a short time.
  • Move to London

    Lady Diana moved to London. She eventually working as a kindergarten teacher. She also lived with three other girls in a three-bedroom flat purchased by her father
  • Prince Charles And Lady Diana meet again

    They met agin when Lady Diana moved to London. Prince Charles and Lady Diana begain to date
  • Announced Engagement

    Lady Diana and Prince Charles announced their engagement at Buckingham Palace.
  • Wedding Seen around the World

    The wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles, at St. Paul's Cathedral. It was broadcast worldwide.
  • First Child

    Princess Diana's first child was born, Prince William.
  • Diana's Second Child

    Princess Diana's second son was born, Prince Harry
  • Diana's Charity Work; AIDS

    Princess Diana became the first famous person to be photographed touching someone with AIDS.
  • Diana's Charity Work; Landmines

    Princess Diana became involved with the issue of landmines
  • Diana and Charles's Divorce

    Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorce was final.
  • Princess Diana 's Death

    Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997. She died in a car crash on a road in a tunnel in Paris.
  • Diana's Influence to Ban Landmines

    The signing of the Ottawa Treaty, after her death, which created an international ban on the use of anti-personnel landmines.