Princess Diana

  • Birth of Princess Diana

    Birth of Princess Diana
    Born Diana Spencer on July 1st, 1961, near Sandringham, England. Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of the most adored members of the British royal family. She was the daughter of Edward John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, and Frances Ruth Burke Roche, Viscountess Althorp (later known as the Honorable Frances Shand Kydd)
  • Lady Diana

    Lady Diana
    "Lady Diana", she began in 1975 when her father took hereditary title of Count. During this period, the family moved to the old ancestral castle Oltorp House in Nottregtonshirre.
  • Princess Diana's wedding

    Princess Diana's wedding
    Diana met with Prince during a charity event, he married July 29, 1981, the wedding was riveted attention of the public and the media
  • The first son of Princess Diana

    The first son of Princess Diana
    William, the eldest son of Charles Prince of Wales and his first wife Princess Diana, was born in London on June 21, 1982
  • Birth of second son of Princess Diana

    Birth of second son of Princess Diana
    The boy, who was born September 15, 1984, was named Henry Charles Albert David. In the future it will be known as Prince Harry.
  • Death of Princess Diana

    Death of Princess Diana
    August 31, 1997 Diana died in a car crash in Paris along with Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul all died at the scene, Diana, brought from the scene (in the tunnel before the bridge on the Seine Alma) in the Salpetriere hospital, she died two hours later .