Plate Tectonics Timeline

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  • John Milne

     John Milne
    Born: December 30, 1850, Liverpool
    Died: July 31,1913, Shide, Isle of Wight
    Education: King's Colledge School
    Contributions: A British geologist and mining engineer who invented the first horozontal seismograph.
  • Alexander Du Toit

    Alexander Du Toit
    Born: March 14, 1878, in Rodenbosch, South Africa
    Died: February 25, 1948, in Cape Town, South Africa
    Education: attended the University of Cape Town
    He was a geologist from South Africa. One of Alfred Wegner's early supporters of continental drift in the late 1900's.
  • Alfred Wegener

    Alfred Wegener
    Born: November 1, 1880, Berlin, Germany
    Died: November 2, 1930, Clarinetania, Greenland
    Education: Kollnische Gymnasium in Berlin
    Contributions: a German geophysicist and meteorologist, he was known for his acheivements in meteorology and as a polar researcher. He is now known for his continental drift theory which he backed with his discovery of palaeomagnetism.
  • Arthur Holmes

    Arthur Holmes
    Born January 14, 1890, Gateshead, England
    Died september 20, 1965, London, England
    Education: Imperial colledge of London and the Royal Colledge of Science
    Contributions: was the first scientist to grasp the implications of mantle convectionand he pioneered the use of radioactive dating of minerals
  • Hugo Benioff

    Born: September 14, 1899
    Died: 1968
    Education: Pomona Colledge ad California Institute of Technology
    Contributions: Hugo Benioff was an American seismologist and he charted the location of deep earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean. He also built the first vertical siesmometer.
  • Kiyoo Wadati

    Kiyoo Wadati
    Born: September 8, 1902
    Education: University of Tokyo
    Contributions: Kiyoo Wadati was a seismologist who researched on earthquakes. e discovered what is currently called the Wadati-benioff Zone, an area of deep and intermediate earthquakes along oceanic trenches. This became the base for the Plate Tectonics theory.
  • Harry Hess

    Harry Hess
    Born: May 24, 1906, New York City, USA
    Died: August 25, 1969
    Education: Yale and Princeton University
    Contributions: a geologist and naval officer in WWII, Harry Hess was one of the founders of the theory of Plate Tectonics by discovering Sea-floor Spreading.
  • Sir Edward (Teddy) Bullard

    Sir Edward (Teddy) Bullard
    Born: September 21, 1907
    Died: April 3, 1907
    Education: University of Umbridge
    Contributions: was a geologist who pioneered the use of siesmology to study the ocean floor and measured geothermal heat flow through oceanic crust.
  • Robert Dietz

    Born: September 14, 1914
    Died: May 19, 1995
    Contributions: As an American oceanographer, goephysicist, and a marine geologist, Robert Dietz worked alonside Harry Hess to discover Sea-floor Spreading. He made the point of saying that something like a coveyer belt must be carrying volcanic mountians (like the ones on Midway Island, Hawaii) northward.
  • Frederick Vine and Drummond Matthews

    Frederick  Vine and Drummond Matthews
    Born: M: 1931 V:1939
    Died: M: 1997 V:still alive
    Contributions: discovered there was a pattern of magnetic strips across the ocean floor. Proving to be the first test of Sea-floor Spreading.
  • Glomar Challenger

    Glomar Challenger
    Contributions: In 1968 the Glomar challenger emberked on an expedition to called the Deep Sea Drilling Program, crossing back and forth over the mid atlantic ridge. It also drilled core samples a fixed locations on its 15 year-long journey.
  • The Atlantis ship

    The Atlantis ship
    Built: 1997
    Length: 274 feet
    Speed; 11 knots cruising
    Contributions: Used as a reasearch vessel by NOAA and WHOI
  • Fun facts page

    Kiyoo Wadati is atill alive and he is 110 years old!
    Hugo Benioff played the violin, the piano, and the cello.
    The RV Atlantis took 267,540 gallons to run!
    After death, Arthur Holmes was cremated, his ashes given to his wife.
    The RV Atlantis traveled 1,300,000 miles and still works today!
    Teddy Bullard won four awards in his life time: Hughes Medal,
    Knight of the British Empire, Royal Astronomical Society Gold Medal, and the Royal Medal