Pierre Trudeau's Life

  • Pierre is born

    Pierre is born
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    Pierre. E . Trudeau Lifespan

  • First day in office

  • October crisis

    During the october crisis in 1970, an English man in polotics was shot eight times and was found in a trunk of a car. And 2 kidnappings of government officials by people of the FLQ in october 1970 in Quebec.
  • Just watch me

    Just watch me
  • Married margret sinclair

  • Justin Trudeau is born

    Justin Trudeau is born
  • canadian charter of rights and freedoms

    In shorter terms, basicly canada can run its own country with out having to ask the british to create a law or do somethng fairly important.
  • Out of Office

    Pierre trudeau had a great run as prime minister and held up as long as he possibly could but Mr. Joe Clark the sixteenth prime minister of canada, won the election with a minority voting, instead of majority, which would be more effectine for his running as Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Michel Trudeau dies from avalanche accident

    Michel Trudeau dies from avalanche accident
    Michel was the youngest son of PE Trudeau, Michel died sking in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park in BC in an avalanche accident
  • Pierre Trudeau dies

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    Effect after Death

  • Justin Trudeau becomes a polotitian

    Justin Trudeau becomes a polotitian
    Mr. Justin Trudeau became a polititian for the liberal party in memory of his father, Pierre Trudeau.
  • Public v.s. Private

    As pierre trudeau said " The media has no palce in the bedroom of Canada". In my awesome words, Don't mess with me, my life and anything personal about me or my family.