Phillip II of Spain

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  • May 21, 1527


  • 1543

    Maria of Portugal

    Maria of Portugal
    Phillip married his cousin Maria of Portugal in 1543 and she died in 1545.
  • 1554

    Mary I of England

    Mary I of England
    In 1554 Philip married Mary I of England and became joint sovereign of England until Mary’s death, without issue, in 1558.
  • 1559

    Elizabeth of Valois

    Elizabeth of Valois
    Philip’s third marriage, with Elizabeth of Valois, daughter of Henry II of France, in 1559, was the result of the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis, which, for a generation, ended the open wars between Spain and France. Elizabeth bore Philip two daughters, Isabella Clara Eugenia (1566–1633) and Catherine Micaela (1567–1597). Elizabeth died in 1568
  • 1567

    Protestant uprising

    There was a Protestant uprising in the Netherlands, in 1567, he sent the Spanish army to put them down.
  • 1570

    Anna of Austria

    Anna of Austria
    In 1570 Philip married Anna of Austria, daughter of his first cousin the emperor Maximilian II. She died in 1580.
  • Apr 14, 1578

    Phillip III was born

  • Taking over England

    Taking over England
    The Spanish Armada led by King Philip II of Spain attempted to invade England in 1588, to avenge the death of Mary Queen of Scots in 1587.
  • Died

    Phillip II died
  • Period: to

    Phillip III

    He was like Philip II, King of Portugal, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia and Duke of Milan from 1598 until his death in 1621.