Patrick Henry

By 29rose
  • Birth of Patrick Henry

    Patrick Henry was born in Hanover Country, Virginia
  • Parson's Cause Speech

    Patrick Henry made this speech in defense of a church against its pastor. Rumor has it that after winning, he was carried from the courtroom.
  • House of Burgesses

    Patrick Henry is first seated into the House of Burgesses.
  • Stamp Act Speech

    Patrick Henry made a speech at the House of Burgesses denouncing the Stamp Act.
  • First Continental Congress

    Patrick Henry attended the First Continental Congress as a Representative for Virginia.
  • "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

    Patrick Henry makes his most famous speech at St. John's Church urging Virginia to fight against British rule.
  • First Govenor of Virginia

    Patrick Henry gets elected for his first term as Virginia's governor, being governor for three terms.
  • Death of Patrick Henry

    Patrick Henry died in Red Hill Plantation, Virginia