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  • Pancho Villa was born Doroteo Arangol in Durango

    Pancho Villa was born Doroteo Arangol in Durango
    Pancho Villa was born Doroteo Arangol in Durango on June 5, 1878,
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  • at age 16, he killed a man who had raped his younger sister.

  • By the time he was 20, Villa had moved northward to Chihuahua, working on and off as a miner in Parral while selling stolen cattle in Chihuahua (official government biographies list his occupation then as "wholesale meat-seller")

  • Pancho Villa was arrested for stealing mules and assault.

  • According to Frank McLynn, until 1910 Villa would alternate episodes of banditry with more legitimate pursuits

  • recruited Francisco Villa in 1910 to support Madero with the Plan de San Luis which started the first part of the Mexican Revolution with the armed movement of 20 November 1910

  • Villa's hatred of Huerta became more personal and intense after when Huerta ordered the murder of Villa's political mentor.

  • Villa's dominance in northern Mexico was broken in 1915 through a series of defeats he suffered at celeaya and Agua Prieta at the hands of lvaro Obregón and Plutarco Elías Calles.

  • After Villa's famous raid on Columbus in 1916, the US Army General John J. Pershing tried unsuccessfully to capture Villa in a nine-month pursuit that ended when Gen. Pershing was called back as the United States entry into World War I was assured.

  • Villa retired in 1920 and was given a large estate which he turned into a "military colony" for his former soldiers

  • In 1923, he decided to re-involve himself in Mexican politics and as a result was assassinated, most likely on the orders of Obregon

  • On Friday, Villa was killed while visiting Parral