Owen Baughan

  • Dalton

    His thoery says that when making a compound, the elements need to be combined in certain porportions.
  • Thomson

    Thomson proved Daltons theory wrong, atoms can be split into smaller parts.
  • Rutherford

    He conducted a exparement by pointing a beam of positivly charged particals at a thin sheet of gold to see where they would go.
  • Rutherford

    He proposed that in the center of the atom is a tiny extremely dense positivly charged part called the nucleus.
  • Bohr

    He studied the way that atoms react to light. He propose that electrons move around the nucleus in certain paths or energy levels.
  • Schrodinger and Heisenberg

    Schrodinger and Heisenberg
    They discoverd electron clouds
  • 400 BC Democritus

    400 BC Democritus
    He made the discovery of atoms. In his theory atoms can not be cut.
  • 384 BC Aristotle

    384 BC Aristotle
    He believed that you would never end up with a partical that could not be cut