Our Timeline

By vln2723
  • Satvik's Birth

  • Period: to

    Our Timeline

    Satvik Pendyala, Rohan Manda, and veronica Nguyen's Timeline combined into one.
  • Veronica's Birth

  • Rohan's Birth

  • Moved to India

    He moved to Banglore, India with his entire family.
  • Got His Visa To America

  • Sister was Born

  • Sister was born (Madalena)

  • Won a chess tournament K-12

  • 2nd Sister was born (Isabella)

  • Went to India with his family

  • Rohan started to swim

  • Brother was born (Vincent)

  • Entered Universal Academy

  • Went to Disney World

  • We all came to CMSE!!

  • Watched his first Cowboy Game

  • Won 2nd place in UIL competition

  • Satvik Got a dog named Snoopy