oscar wilde

  • birth

    dublim irlanda
  • Studies

    With 10 years (1864) it joined the Port Royal School de Enniskillen (Ireland) 17 and studied there even the seventeen (1871). During his stay there there died his sister Isola, who inspired his poem Requiescat
  • He studied Classic

    On October 19, 1871 it joined the Trinity College (Dublin), 4 where he studied Classic during the following ones three años.19
  • Terms of his studies

    In June of 1878.25 Finally, in November, 1878 it obtained the title of Bachelor of Arts, 22 graduating with the major possible note. Wilde remained in Oxford from the ends of 1874 up to the summer of 1878,22 period in which it managed to turn into a personality known enough inside the areauniversitario.
  • Début in the company

    From his entry in the Trinity College it published his poems in magazines, specially in Kottabos and in the Dublin University Magazine. In the middle of 1881, 27 years after age, it assembled, checked and expanded his poetical works in his first book: Poems.e company
  • family

    In London it knew Constance Lloyd, daughter of Horace Lloyd, counselor of the queen. During Constance's visit to Dublin with which both coincided (since Oscar was offering a conference in the Theatre Gaiety), Wilde seized the opportunity to ask for marriage him. Finally,
  • Marriage

    In London it knew Constance Lloyd, daughter of Horace Lloyd, counselor of the queen. Finally, hey married on May 29, 1884 in Paddington
  • Death

    Wilde and Douglas lived both a few months at the end of 1897, near Naples, through 15 n. 18 n. 19 until the threat of his respective families of cutting the funds ended for separating them. Wilde spent the rest of his life in Paris, where it lived under Sebastián Melmoth's false name. There and of the hand of an Irish priest of the Church of San Jose, it would have turned to the catholicism, faith the one that supposedly died