Óscar Romero

  • Birth date

    He was born in 1917 in city Barrios (San Salvador – America) ,
  • Latin American Pius College

    He moved to Latin American Pius College in Rome, where he studied with Jesuits.
  • Rome

    He did not graduate in theology, was ordained as a priest.
  • Period: to

    Second Vatican Council

    Then critical of new paths opened had no good relations with Archbishop Chávez y González, nor with a second auxiliary bishop, Arturo Rivera y Damas. Moved by that position, change the orientation of the weekly line (which has since declined significantly diffusion).
  • Episcopal Conference of El Salvador (CEDES)

    he was appointed Secretary of the CEDES, establishing his office at the Seminary of San José de la Montaña that, led by Jesuits, was CEDES headquarters. Three years later Pope Paul VI ordained him auxiliary bishop of El Salvador.
  • El Salvador

    In 1970 he was appointed auxiliary bishop of El Salvador.
  • Formation of seminarians

    He attacked, without much effect, to Externado of San Jose and the Central American University (UCA), educational institutions run by Jesuits and, finally, to the Jesuits themselves, contributing to the formation of seminarians (replaced by diocesan priests and himself appointed Rector, the Seminary had to close six months later).
  • Santiago de María

    In 1974 bishop of Santiago de Maria.
  • The murder

    The murder of several peasants (returning from a religious act) by the National Guard meet him for the first time to the serious political situation.
  • Archbishop of El Salvador

    He was appointed Archbishop of El Salvador, the successive expulsions and killings of priests and lay people (especially the priest Rutilio Grande) inicuidad convinced him the military government of Colonel Arturo Armando Molina.
  • Archbishop of El Salvador

    Was fully involved in the issue once appointed archbishop of El Salvador in 1977.
  • Creation of a ''Permanent Committee''

    He also promoted it to ensure the human rights situation.
  • Salvadoran Archbishop.

    Formed in Rome, began his ecclesiastical career as pastor of great pastoral activity, although opposed to the new provisions of Vatican II.