Oscar Peterson's History Of The Periodic Table

  • Johann Dobereiner

    Organised the elements into threes and propsed the 'Model of the Triads 'Theory
  • John Newlands

    Devised the 'Law of Octaves' Theory. However this theory was ridiculed as it did not work beyod the chemical Calcium.
  • Dmitri Mendeleev and Lothar Meyer

    Both Devised a table that arranged chemicals in order of lightest to heaviest via atomic weight.
  • Henry Moseley

    Discovered the atomic mass of all known elements. He then Rearranged the table in order of Atomic Number rather than weight
  • Glenn Seaborg

    Co-discovered 10 new elements and then rearranged the table to take out 14 elements and placed them below the lactinides. These elements became the Actinides.