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One Direction

  • Simon Cowell's Birthday

    Simon Cowell's Birthday
    Simon Cowell (Founder of One Direction) has his special day on the seventh of october
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    One Direction

  • Louis Tomlinson's birthday

    Louis Tomlinson's birthday
    On december 24th in 1991 Louis Tomlinson was born
  • Zayn Malik's Birthday

    Zayn Malik's Birthday
    On January 12th 1993 zayn malik was born
  • Liam Payne's Birthday

    Liam Payne's Birthday
    On August 29th 1993 Liam Payne was born
  • Niall Horan's Birthday

    Niall Horan's Birthday
    On september 13th 1993 Niall Horan was born
  • Harry Styles Birthday

    Harry Styles Birthday
    On Febuary 1st 1994 harry styles was born
  • One Direction Infection

    One Direction Infection
    In 2010 one direction formed there band at the x factor
  • X Factor Live tour

    X Factor Live tour
    In April One Direction started the Live X Factor Tour
  • Up All Night Album

    Up All Night Album
    Including: Up all night, moments, more then this, taken, i want, what makes you beautiful, and more.
  • What Makes You Beautiful

    What Makes You Beautiful
  • Up all night live tour

    Up all night live tour
    up all night lve tour in Toronto
  • Live While Were Young

    Live While Were Young
    In august 2012 One Direction let out there famous song Live While Were Young
  • One direction Flying Start

    One direction Flying Start
    One Direction borded a plane with lucky contest winners to raise money for kids with disabilities
  • Take me Home

    Take me Home
    On the 12th of November One Direction's Take Me Home album will be published
  • One Direction Guinness World Records

    One Direction Guinness World Records
    One Direction made the 2012 world records bookfor selling over 15 million CD's of Up All Night