Noteworthy Events From The "ERA of Activism"

By ggmarie
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    Noteworthy Events

  • Publication of Rachel Carson's Silenr Spring

    Rachel Carson's Silent Spring book started the environmental movement. In the book she describes a lovely country town surrounded by farms and wilderness, by beauty and the sound of wildlife.
  • Publication of Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique

    Betty Friedan described disdatisfied housewives in her book began meeting, too, to discuss their lives and their roles in society
  • NOW is Founded

    National Organization for women was a Organization formed to promote the full participation of the women's group were unwilling to passure the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to take women's grievances more seriously
  • Publication of Ralph Nader's Unsafe At Any Speed

    In his book he talked about how we should drive safely and he talked about issue of automobile safety regutations
  • UFW's Nationwide Boycott of Grapes Picked on Nonunion Farms

    When growers refused to grant more pay, better working conditions, and union recognition, Chavez organized a successful boycott. Later boycott of Letture and other crops also won consumer support across the country.
  • Woodstock

    It was a Music Festival were hippies came together to listen to famous bands of rock. About 400,000 people attended for several days in Bethel, New York
  • First Earth Day Celebration

    Earth day was to improve awareness of enviromental issues and in bringing end to environmental damage. its aim was heighten concern for environment, to increase awareness about environmental issues, and to clean up pollution and liter
  • The EPA is Established

    It proposed constitutional amendment, never ratified, to prohibit discrimation on account of sex
  • Congress passes the Clean Air Act

    It was aimed to control pollution caused by discharge of industrial and municipal waste wate, and provided for grants to build better sewage treatment facilites
  • Protesters From the AIM Take Over the Reservation of Wounded Knee

    They demonstrations protesting the violation of treaties between the United States and various Indian groups formed the Broken Treaties Caravan. They traveled to Washington D.C.
  • Supreme Court Rulesto Legalize abortion in the Roe v. Wade Case

    The Supreme Court decided to legalize abortion but were allowed to get an abortion the first three months into the pregnancy