Niels Bohr's Timeline

  • Doctorate

    Bohr received his doctorates. He was a physics major at this time.
  • Nobel Prize

    Bohr received a Nobel Prize for his idea to add the quanta model to the atom for better understanding. This stated that electrons have set energy levels. When atoms absorb energy, the electrons are pushed a level further from the nucleus. However, when an atom gives off energy, the electrons are moved closer to the nucleus.
  • Visited U.S.

    This year, Bohr visited the United States. He had heard that German scientists were making attempts to split atoms. This was all after the time when Hitler took control over Germany.
  • Atoms for Peace Conference

    Bohr created the Atoms for Peace Conference. He did this in Geneva. The purpose was to create peace in the science field between scientists in different places and areas.
  • Death

    After having a stroke, Bohr died in his own home.