niagara falls

By aimee r
  • europe sees niagara falls

    europe sees niagara falls
    Cavelier's expedition backtracked and located the falls, where they watched in amazement for the whole afternoon. Father Louis Hennepin, a talented illustrator, sketched the scene. He wrote of this experience, describing the falls as 600 feet high (they are actually 170). This was the first documented case of a European actually visiting the falls. Father Louis Hennepin also went on to "discover" and sketch Saint Anthony Falls in what is now Minneapolis.
  • horseshoe falls

    horseshoe falls
    First recorded instance of the Horseshoe Falls being referred to as horseshoe-shaped.
  • ferry opens

    ferry opens
    The first ferry service opened, carrying passengers across the Niagara gorge, docking just below modern day Clifton Hill. The ferry boat was a man-powered row-boat.
  • english barrel maker

    english barrel maker
    Carlisle D. Graham, an English barrel maker who immigrated to Philadelphia went through the rapids in a 5 foot oak and iron barrel he constructed. He successfully repeated the stunt 2 more times.
  • table rock house

    table  rock house
    The Table Rock House of today was erected by Niagara Parks Commission. It served as a starting point for the Scenic Tunnels, a snack bar, souvenir shop, wash and dressing rooms.
  • daredevil

    Son of the legendary daredevil hero, William "Red" Hill Jr. takes his first journey down the rapids in a steel barrel. Like his father before him, his barrel gets stuck in the vortex of the Whirlpool rapids. His brothers, Major and Norman, dive in to rescue him. He survives and repeats the stunt on September 6, 1948 and again in July of 1949.
  • casino opens

    casino opens
  • skywheel opens

    skywheel opens
    The Niagara Skywheel opens. Rising 175 feet (53 meters) above the eastern slope of Clifton Hill, this massive Ferris wheel offers visitors a spectacular view of the falls and surrounding attractions from fully enclosed, climate controlled cabins. The ride is open year-round.
  • skywalker

    Jay Cochrane skywalks above the tourist attraction packed streets, twice a day, 7 days a week. He is rigged with a microphone and talks to the crowd as he walks.
  • man on a ledge

    man on a ledge
    An unnamed man went over the Horseshoe Falls in a failed suicide attempt. Rescuers pulled him from the pool below. The force of the Falls left him completely naked, in shock and with a large gash on his head. He is the third person to ever survive the plunge without a craft.