Nazi zombies by espeng d32dmij

Nazi Expand!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Soviet/German nonaggression pact

    Soviet/German nonaggression pact
    They both wanted to attack each other so they signed the nonaggression pact.
  • surprise attack!

    surprise attack!
    Hitler attacks ponland and france.Then starts bombing wawrsaw.
  • moving troops

    moving troops
    soviet troops were sent to take the eastern half of poland by stalin
  • surprise attack 2

    surprise attack 2
    hitler launches a surprise attack on Denmark and Norway. he took it over in two months and built forts there.
  • Theres only one germany

    Germans moved there army around the city of Lille. They surrounded them and pushed there allies forces to the sea.
  • war on the sea

    war on the sea
    Britain sent ships tp unkirk and the amateur armada were bombed by Germany,
  • the taking of france

    The Germans had taken over Paris! The french surrendered and the nazi took over the northern part of france.
  • Battle for Britain

    Battle for Britain
    German air froce attack Britain and destroyed the air feilds and factories
  • north africa

    mvssolina trys and takes british and the brits occuped Egypt.
  • British strike back

    Britsh attack north africa and force hitler for help.
  • attack!!!!!!!!!!1

    hitler goes though with the plan barbose. and attacks lenigard killing alomost one million people.
  • atlatic charter

    it upheld free trade and was later served as an allincec peace plan
  • U.S attack

    U.S. troops attack japanese island-hopping advance towards Australia at Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands
  • the fight fo sicily

    U.S. and British troops land on Sicily. By mid-August they control Sicily.
  • Hitler falls

    Hitler commits suicide in his bunkere with his girlfriend.