1200px laura dekker (cropped)

Navegation of Laura Dekker

  • Born

    She`s born in new zeland
  • first trip

    Her first solo trip from holland to england
  • Period: to

    your travel season

    she traveled through all these oceans during this time
  • 2010

    He crossed the Atlantic, from Cape Verde to Suint Martin, in the Caribbean.
  • 2011

    Visited several islands in Tahiti •
  • 2011

    It crossed the Panama Canal, reaching the Pacific Occan.
  • 2011

    He reached the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of South America.
  • in 2011

    I arrived in Darwin, Australia, crossing the Pacific Ocean.
  • In 2011

    He crossed the Indian Occan, arriving in Durban, South Africa
  • In 2012

    He completed his return trip to San Martín. This was the longest stretch of the circumnavigation, at 10,400 km.