Music Timeline 1890-1920

  • First ragtime composition

    First ragtime composition
    The pianist Tommy Turpin writes Harlem Rag, the first ragtime composition.
  • General Electric Company founded

    General Electric Company founded
  • Scott Joplin goes to Chicago

    He went to Chicago for the World Fair
  • Cinema is born

    Cinema is born
    The brothers Lumiere create the cinematograph, camera and projector at the same time.
  • First piano rag composition written

  • Aspirin patented

    Aspirin patented
    Felix Hoffman and Bayer, the chemical and pharmaceutic company, patent aspirin
  • Ragtime Contest

    There was an important rag contest for pianists.
  • First flight

    First flight
    The Wright brothers make their first successfull flight.
  • Albert einstein presents the Special Theory of Relativity

    Albert einstein presents the Special Theory of Relativity
    Einstein presents his most famous theaory, altought he didn't recive any Nobel for that theory, but he recived it for the photoelectric effect theory.
  • Rag music evolves

    The popularity of ragtime increases among black and white people and helps the public interaction beetwen the races.
  • The Titanic sinks

    The Titanic sinks
    The RMS Titanic hit versus an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean in its inaugural journey. All the Titanic's band died.
  • Jazz apears in print

    The word "jazz" first appears in print.
  • Period: to

    I Mundial War

  • Ragtime ends

    Ragtime ends and jazz time starts
  • Joplin dies

  • First long flight

    First long flight
    The first airplane to cross the Atlantic Ocean, piloted by John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown, and also the first one to do non-stop transatlantic flight.