Mother theresa de calcuta sofia budai

  • mother theresa was born

    mother theresa was born
  • Period: to

    mother theresa was born and died...

  • theresa's father dies

  • theresa leaves home for the loreto sisters convent in ireland

  • she arrives in india

  • she takes her first vows, adopting the name sister theresa.

  • after taking her final vows, sister theresa becomes known as mother theresa.

  • she recieves "the call within a call" on the train to Darjeeling; later called "inspiration day"

  • pope pius XII grants mother theresa permission to leave the loreto convent and work with the poor in calcutta

  • british rule over india ends, diving the former colony into the independent nations of india

  • gandhi was assassinated

  • former student subashini das becomes theresa's first follower

  • the new order missionaries of charity is formally approved

  • mother theresa opens the nirmal hriday home for the dying

  • mother theresa opens the first shishu bhavan home for abandoned babies and children

  • missionaries of charity opens its first home outside india, in cocorote, venezuela

  • drana bojaxhiu mother theresa's mother dies in tirana albania

  • mother theresa is awarded the nobel peace prize

  • sister nirmala is elected head of missionaries of charity

  • mother theresa died

    mother theresa died