Mother Teresa

  • Mother Teresa born as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Yugoslav Macedonia

  • Period: to

    Mother Teresa's life and accomplishments

  • Attended a state secondary school in Croatia, where she learned of missionaries

  • Agnes left family to go to Ireland and recieve her postulant's cap

  • In Calcutta she was made a Loretto novice and received her holy habit

  • Teresa took her fianl vows In Loreto School to become the principal

  • Known as Inspiration Day

    The day where Teresa heard the message of God to leave the convent and help the poorest of poor people
  • Pope granted Teresa permission to leave the convent and go to the Family Hospital in Patna

  • Pope Pius XII approved Teresa's new congregation, the Missionaries of Charity

  • Teresa opened the house for the dying, Nirmal Hriday

  • Teresa and her sisters moved into the "Mother House" and everyone began addressing her as "Mother"

  • Mother Teresa founded Shishu Bhavan

    meaning "Sowing Joy" a home for crippled, sick and unwanted babies and children
  • Mother Teresa was honored with Padma Sir and Magsaysay Prize

  • First Missionary of Charity Foundation opened

    outside India
  • Indian government gave Mother Teresa 34 acres

    in the village of Asansol to start a leper colony which she named Shanti Nagar "Place of Peace"
  • Roman Catholic Church approved Mother Teresa's proposal

    to establish the Missionary Brothers of Charity
  • Good Samaritan Prize/ Kennedy foundation Prize

  • Pope John XXIII Peace Prize

    at the Vatican
  • Pandit Nehru Award for International Understanding

  • Templeton Prize

    In London for Progress in religion, from the hand of Prince Philip and the Saint Louise de Marillac Award in LA California for charitable work
  • Albert Schweitzer Award

    for humanitarian work in the United States
  • Honorary doctorate from Cambridge

  • Balzan Prize and the Nobel Peace Prize

  • President Medal of Honor

    from the President Ronald Regan of the U.S.
  • Mother Teresa opened a home for men dying from AIDS

    in New York
  • Soviet Peace Committee Gold Medal

    for promoting peace and friendship among people
  • Mother Teresa was overseeing 3,000 nuns

    in 385 houses in 80 nations
  • International Leo Tolstoy Medal

    given by the Soviet government
  • Peace Education Prize from UNESCO

    she also received the Gaudium et Spes award from the Knights of Columbus for outstanding contributions to the Catholic Church and society for her spritual and humanitarian work
  • Mother Teresa became an honorary citizen of the US

    Bill Clinton signed legislation making her a citizen. He praised her for bringing hope and love to orphaned and abondoned children all over the world.
  • Mother Teresa died to be back at home with God

  • Healing of a woman as a miracle

    this delcared her to have attained the blessedness of heaven and to add her to the "roll of the blesseds"
  • Pope John Paul II beautified Mother Teresa

    The recognition of another miracle is required for Mother Teresa's sainthood