Models of Atoms

  • Dalton Model

    Dalton Model
    In 1808 a British chemest named John Dalton created the first model of the atom. He believed that each element is made of atoms and that different elements arme made of different atoms.
  • Thomson Model

    Thomson Model
    J.J. Thomson discovered the electron and then created a new model. The new model was positivly charged with electrons.
  • Nagaoka Model

    Nagaoka Model
    Hantaro Nagaoka was a japanese physicist who proposed a model of the atom that in the center was a positive charge and electrons circling around the charge.
  • Ruthford Model

    Ruthford Model
    Ernest Ruthford thought that the atom was made up of mostly space and that electrons orbit a center positivly charged nucleus.
  • Bohr Model

    Bohr Model
    Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist who made a model of the atom which showed that the electrons orbit the nucleus in specific laers rather than andomly.
  • Chadwick Model

    Chadwick Model
    James Chadick, a british physicist discovered the neutron. This explained why the atoms were hevier than their prons and electrons