Model of an Atom

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  • Dalton's atomic theory

    Dalton's atomic theory
    John Dalton examined facts accumulated by other chemists and tried to find a way to explain the outcomes. As a result he concluded that all matter must be made up of seperate, tiny particles called atoms.
  • How the atom got its name

    How the atom got its name
    Many years earlier than Dalton, Greek philosophers had reasoned that if you keep cutting something up into smaller pieces, you would eventually reach a piece of whatever you were cutting that you can't cut anymore. Atom comes from the Greek word atomos, which means that which can not be cut up.
  • Dalton's model

    Dalton's model
    Dalton states that the atom is a ball that cannot be destroyed and is equal all the way through the atom.
  • Thomson's 'Plum Pudding model

    Thomson's 'Plum Pudding model
    He states that the atom is made of positively charged material with tiny negative electrons inside.
  • Rutherford/Ford model

    Rutherford/Ford model
    They state that there is a positively charged material in a tiny nucleus in the middle. The electrons orbit around the nucleus. The rest is empty space.
  • Schroedinger's model

    Schroedinger's model
    He states that the nucleus in the center contains protons and neutrons. The electrons draw out very complex regions that from different shapes as they spin around the nucleus. Inside an atoms are protons neutrons and electrons.